Easy Valentine’s Day Tiered Tray DIY

Easy Valentine’s Day Tiered Tray DIY

If you love to decorate your home at every holiday and season change, here’s a cute idea that will add a sweet touch to your table or counter—a Valentine’s Day Themed Tiered Tray! 

What is great about tiered tray decor is that you can make it as simple or as ornate as you want! 

1. Coffee Lover Themed
This one is great because you can see it’s so simple! Take your Front Porch Frappé candle and place at the top. Add a piece of greenery (mine is from Marshall’s, it was about $5). Place your wick trimmer in front.

On the bottom, add a larger decorative piece (here I used a piece I found at Marshall’s for only $4). 


2. Red and Pink Themed 

This one as you can see has much more going on with it. But once you break it down, it’s easy to replicate! I started with a piece of greenery, and then added the gumball figurine (Target Dollar Section), and the candle at the top. Varying your heights adds interest. I try too keep things in an odd number too.

On the bottom, add a decorative wooden piece, two cute coffee mugs (Target), and your wick trimmer!

Finish the look with a beaded garland (Target).



Super easy way to get into the spirit of whatever season/holiday we are in and make it cozy by lighting the candle! Most items were found in the sale section of Marshall’s and Target. You can find many tiered trays for under $20 at Marshall’s and the great thing about a tiered tray is it can be used over and over again.


If you do this, please share and tag us with @southerncharmcandle on Instagram! We would LOVE to see the creative ways you make this uniquely you! 


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