4 Teacher-Inspired Back-To-School Gift Baskets

4 Teacher-Inspired Back-To-School Gift Baskets

Summer is almost over and it’s time to head back to school. A gift basket is always a thoughtful way to say thank you and to start the school year off right. Even if you’re not a super crafty person, gift baskets are perfect because all you need to do is pick a theme and the inspiration will start flowing! 

These ideas are sure to bring a smile to the teacher you’re just getting to know! Here are 4 ideas to get you started: 

Spa-Themed Gift Basket - { Source }

The start of a new school year can be… well, stressful. Gift a teacher a basket of goodies that they’ll be able to relax and unwind with at the end of a long first week. 

This post has recipes and printables for DIY scrubs and bath bombs. 

Items: Basket or Crate | Face Mask | Eye Mask | Chapstick | Body Lotion | Scrubs | Bubble Bath | Candle (We Suggest one from The Coastal Collection) | Bath Bombs | Tea 

Coffee-Themed Gift Basket - { Source }

It’s a safe bet your teacher is caffeinated! Make him or her a coffee-themed gift basket that will give them the energy to start the school year as strong as their cup of coffee. 

Items: Basket or Crate | Coffee (Grounds/Beans) | Syrup Flavorings | To-Go Coffee Cups | Coffee Cup | Stir Sticks | Creamers | Coffee-Themed Candle (Ours is a Best-Seller

Book Lovers Gift Basket - { Source

You don’t need to know if they love Twilight or Lord of the Rings to make a cute book lovers basket! Build your gift with items that will inspire a cozy evening curled up with a good book! 

Items: Basket or Crate | Gift card to a place where books are sold | Snack (Trail Mix, Popcorn, etc) | Coffee/Tea Cup | Candle (we suggest one from The Signature Collection) | Cute, cozy socks | Clip-on Reading Light | Bookmark 

Sunshine Basket - { Source }

You don’t need to know a teacher that well to know they’re gonna need some sunshine in their life! This is a perfect basket and easy to compile–you’ll be surprised how many yellow things you can find once you start looking! 

Here’s a list of some yellow items you could add (this makes a great classroom emergency snack basket!) 

Items: Yellow Basket or Crate | Yellow Nail Polish | Juicy Fruit Gum | Lay’s Potato Chips | Starburst | Yellow Drinks (Bubbly Water) | Yellow Water Bottle or Insulated Wine Cup | Golden Oreos | Lemonade | Candle (Banana Puddin' or Lemon Drop are perfect!) 


We hope this post inspires you! What kinds of baskets would you add? What kinds have you created? We'd love to hear from you! :) 

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