Our Story

Meet Tom—the mastermind and maker behind Southern Charm Candle Co. 

A few years ago Tom was on a business trip in a gift shop looking for a souvenir that reflected the state he was in. He found a candle that he thought reflected the state-that-shall-not-be-named, BUT it smelled terrible. Then the wheels started turning... what if he could make a candle that represented everything he loved about the south that ALSO smelled great? Because who would buy a candle that smells terrible?


Growing up in Summerville, SC the claim to fame is it’s the birth place of Sweet Tea. THUS, the Sweet Tea candle was born. Candles were given to friends for Christmas gifts and then the idea for Southern Charm Candle Co. was born.
But the story doesn’t stop there. A certain virus in 2020 threw everything out of loop and Tom was furloughed, and eventually lost his job. So he took Southern Charm Candle Co. full time and here we are!
Made in Summerville, SC, Southern Charm Candles are hand poured and hand crafted to bring back all the warm, fuzzy memories shared around the kitchen table. Tom strives to “capture the essence of the south” through authentic, quality candles.