SCC Co. Featured in Apartment Guide

SCC Co. Featured in Apartment Guide

We had the opportunity to contribute to Apartment Guide's Blog Post on Winter Candle Scents That Transition Seamlessly Into Spring. Check out the post for a myriad of other candle recommendations by expert candlemakers from all over! 

Our two "scents" is here: "Erika Whitus of Southern Charm Candle also chimed in: "When the holidays have passed, and we are in the cozy moments spent indoors waiting for the vibrant lively atmosphere of spring, our favorite scents are ones that combine elements of the fresh, sweet aroma of fruit with the warmth and comfort of a fresh-baked dessert. Juicy ripe strawberries, zesty lemons, or tropical bananas provide a refreshing burst of energy like spring itself whereas the comforting aroma of vanilla provides a grounding effect of waiting for your mom’s favorite recipes."


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