The Fall Equinox & Our Seasonal Line!

The Fall Equinox & Our Seasonal Line!

Fall is my favorite time of year, how about you? The cozier days and clothes, the smells, the colors, it's a beautiful time of year. We are always excited for the return of this season because it marks the return of some of our favorite scents! 

This year we're releasing the full Seasonal Line on the First Day of Fall. Why does this day mark the return of fall? The answer is the Fall Equinox! 

This year our Seasonal Line features: Christmas Cookie, Gingerbread, Pumpkin Pie, and Tree Farm. 

Ready to learn about the Fall Equinox AND our Seasonal candles? Keep reading! 

What the Heck is the Fall Equinox? 

The First Day of Fall in September this year is officially on the 23rd - it’s the same day as the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere (for the 10% of the population in the Southern Hemisphere a.k.a. Below the equator it’s actually the start of Spring!) 

An Equinox is when the Sun is exactly above the Earth’s equator. Two equinoxes occur every year: one in spring and one in autumn. The Autumn Equinox marks the season where the length of nighttime will be longer than the length of daytime. 

So there you have it! Now you can impress your friends with the reason why the first day of Fall is on the 23rd this year and not the 22nd. 

This year our seasonal line will be available on the 23rd to align with the First Day of Fall. We’re doing it a little differently this year and releasing our Fall scent with our Winter scents. We wanted the Christmas lovers to be able to express themselves too ;). Read about the scents below and make sure you mark your calendar for the 23rd! 

Pumpkin Pie

Indulge in the cozy delight of fall with our Pumpkin Pie candle, a perfect blend that captures the irresistible aroma of fresh-baked pumpkin pie. Gather ‘round the table for the deep breath of fall and Thanksgiving with Pumpkin Pie’s harmonious blend of sweet, earthy pumpkin and warm cinnamon and cloves. Complete with a dollop of whipped cream, it is the perfect fall candle to add to your collection. 

Christmas Cookie

Rich butteriness, sweet vanilla, and light sugary notes all contribute to the comforting scent of our Christmas Cookie candle. It is the nostalgic experience of Christmas baking with your loved ones that is both sweet and comforting. Enjoy the simple pleasure of a fresh-baked treat with Christmas Cookie. 


The spirit of holiday baking is perfectly captured in the notes of spicy ginger and sweet molasses, cinnamon, and vanilla in our Gingerbread candle. Complete with a pair of Gingerbread Men cookies on top, this candle will bring a sense of Christmas cheer to your home and family.

Tree Farm 

This charming and delightfully festive candle is a nostalgic and enchanting experience with its blend of earthiness, fresh pine needles and resinous notes. It is reminiscent of the great outdoors, evoking memories of winter walks to find the perfect tree. With its comforting aroma, it will spread a sense of warmth and holiday spirit wherever it is lit. Tree Farm’s fragrance is a cherished part of the holiday season.

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